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Pyrite mineral resin ring

This ring is made of genuine pyrite mineral encapsulated in resin epoxy.

• Pyrite Mineral
• Epoxy resin

• Ring High: 26 mm (1,02 in)
• Ring width: 21 mm (0,83 in)

Ring size:
• Inside diameter: 16.8 mm (0,67 in)
• Size Spain: 13
• Size Europe: 53
• Size USA and Canada: 6.5
• Size UK and Australia: M½
• Size China: 14

The ring you will receive is that one from the photo and it is ready to be sent.
It is a unique one-of-a-kind handmade piece of jewelry.

VAT incl.

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Anillo de ojo de tigre

Anillo de ojo de tigre LOVE this ring!! Beautiful stone, the adjustable band is perfect for cinching down in my skinny fingers after I get it over my large knuckle. Thank you.

Rated by - 01/31/2017

Anillo ópalo fuego

Anillo ópalo fuego Super cool and lovely colors

Rated by - 06/20/2017

Anello Zaffiro e Argento 925

Anello Zaffiro e Argento 925

Rated by - 06/10/2022
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