Larimar pendant and sterling silver (925)


Larimar is a rare variety of pectolite, found only in Dominican Republic. Its color varies in a range that contains white, light blue, cyan and deep blue.

The name Larimar was given by Miguel Méndez who rediscovered the mineral on the beach in Barahona, Dominican Republic and named it for his daughter Larissa, and the spanish word mar (sea), for the color of the water of the Caribbean sea where it was found, forming the word Lari-Mar.

The zodiac sign of Larimar is Leo.

The chakras associated with Larimar are the Crown, the Third Eye, the Throat and the Heart.

Healing properties attributed to Larimar are for cartilage, the throat and constrained joints, it also removes the pain of sore spots.
It also generates calm and balance and heals heart trauma.

Larimar is also known by the names: Lorimar, Stefilia's Stone, Atlantis Stone, blue Pectolithe, blue Pectolite, Dolphin Stone.

Size approx. 20 mm long

The color and size of each sample may vary.

Optionally you can add to the pendant a cord or a chain as specified below:
- Black leather cord 44 cm or 50 cm long, thickness 2 mm and metal snap clasp.
- 925 silver chain snake type 50 cm long, thickness 1 mm and lobster clasp.

£ 36.63
VAT incl.



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