Lapis Lazuli  pendant and sterling silver (925)


Lapis Lazuli is a semiprecious stone composed of lazurite minerals, calcium silicate complex that gives the characteristic blue color, wollastonite and calcite, which produce gray and white veining and pyrite, which produces golden reflections.
The name Lapis Lazuli comes from Lapis which is the Latin word for "stone" and lazuli which is the genitive form of the Medieval Latin lazulum, which is taken from the Arabic لازورد lāzaward, itself from the Persian لاژورد lāžavard, which is the name of the stone in Persian and also of a place where lapis lazuli was mined.

The zodiac signs of Lapis Lazuli are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Sagittarius.

The chakra associated with Lapis Lazuli is the Throat and the Heart.

Healing properties attributed to Lapis Lazuli are for migraines, the nervous and respiratory systems, the throat, the larynx and thyroid it cleans organs, bone marrow, the thymus gland and the immune system.
It also stimulates higher mental faculties, providing clarity and objectivity.

Lapis Lazuli is also known by the names: Lapislazuli, Lapis, Lazuli, Lazurite, Azure, Ultramarine, Blue Stone.

Size approx. 20 mm long

The color and size of each sample may vary.

Optionally you can add to the pendant a cord or a chain as specified below:
- Black leather cord 44 cm or 50 cm long, thickness 2 mm and metal snap clasp.
- 925 silver chain snake type 50 cm long, thickness 1 mm and lobster clasp.

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