Heliotrope-Bloodstone pendant and sterling silver (925)


The zodiac signs of Heliotrope are Aries, Libra and Pisces.

The chakra associated with Heliotrope is the Heart.

Heliotrope or Bloodstone is a form of green chalcedony with red inclusions of iron oxide or red jasper.

Healing properties attributed to Heliotrope are to purify blood and detoxify liver, intestines, spleen and bladder.
It also calms the mind, dispels confusion and favors the process of making decision.

The red inclusions are supposed to resemble spots of blood; hence the name Bloodstone. The name heliotrope (from Greek ἥλιος helios, Sun, τρέπειν trepein, to turn) derives from various ancient notions about the manner in which the mineral reflects light.

Heliotrope is also known by the names: Bloodstone, Blood Jasper, Blue Jasper, Blutjaspis, Oriental Jasper, Xanthus.

Size approx. 20 mm long

The color and size of each sample may vary.

Optionally you can add to the pendant a cord or a chain as specified below:
- Black leather cord 44 cm or 50 cm long, thickness 2 mm and metal snap clasp.
- 925 silver chain snake type 50 cm long, thickness 1 mm and lobster clasp.

£ 8.39
VAT incl.



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