Chiastolite pendant and sterling silver (925)


The zodiac sign of Chiastolite is Libra.

The chakra associated with Chiastolite is the Base or Root.

Quiastolite is a variety of Andalusite which contains dark inclusions of carbon or clay which form a cruciform pattern when shown in cross-section.

Healing properties attributed to Chiastolite are for to reduce fever, strengthen blood circulation and alleviates acidification healing rheumatism and Gout.
It is also a very protective stone.

The name Chiastolite comes from the Greek "kiastós" which means "crossed in saltire."

Chiastolite is also known by the names: Chyastolith, Cross-stone, Crucite (of Delamétherie), Crusite, Lapis Crucifer, Macle, Maltesite.

Size approx. 20 mm long

The color and size of each sample may vary.

Optionally you can add to the pendant a cord or a chain as specified below:
- Black leather cord 44 cm or 50 cm long, thickness 2 mm and metal snap clasp.
- 925 silver chain snake type 50 cm long, thickness 1 mm and lobster clasp.

£ 11.92
VAT incl.



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