Bracelet helper (buddy) tool tiger eyeBracelet helper (buddy) tool tiger eye 1Bracelet helper (buddy) tool tiger eye 2Bracelet helper (buddy) tool tiger eye 3Bracelet helper (buddy) tool tiger eye 4Bracelet helper (buddy) tool tiger eye 5


Bracelet helper to easily fasten bracelets.
• Bracelet helper tool to easily fasten bracelets.
• Handcrafted with metal findings, metallic beads, tiger eye.
• Length: 17.3 cm aprox. - 6.85 in
• The crocodile clip is nylon coated and will not damage your bracelets • The crocodile clip is small and can hold tiny bracelets
• It is a valuable product that you can proudly display on your dressing table or make someone an original and useful present.
• Someone with small hands can use it as well.
• The hand on the photo has palm length is 17.5 cm. I am right handed and I hold the bracelet in my left hand.
• You will receive the bracelet buddy from the first photo, the other photos are for demonstration purpose.
Easy to use, simply pick the end of the bracelet opposite to the clasp with the clamp of this tool. With the other hand take the other end of the bracelet and close it.
Own and unique design.

£ 12.89
VAT incl.