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Bookmark with yellow agate, tiger eyeBookmark with yellow agate, tiger eye 1Bookmark with yellow agate, tiger eye 2Bookmark with yellow agate, tiger eye 3Bookmark with yellow agate, tiger eye 4Bookmark with yellow agate, tiger eye 5


Metallic bookmark bronze colour with gemstones and metal beads for book lovers.

There are two sizes of bookmarks in the store: "Big Bookmark" and "Small Bookmark".
This is a "Big bookmark".
  • Bronze color metal
  • Gemstones: yellow agate, tiger eye
  • Length metal part: 12 cm aprox. (4.72" aprox.)
  • Total length with gemstones included: 15-16 cm aprox. (5.91-6.3" aprox.)
  • Bookmark with gemstones for the following zodiac signs: Gemini, Taurus, Leo
  • The bookmark you will receive is the one shown on the first two photos.
  • The bookmarks which are shown in the photos placed inside of books are for demonstration purpose and size orientation. It's not the bookmark you're going to receive.

£ 10.31
VAT incl.