About us

Meki's is an online store which offers jewellery in natural stones and silver. What characterizes Meki's jewellery is the craftsmanship of each piece. That is why each jewel in the store is unique and made with great care.

Another aspect of Meki's jewellery are natural stones from different parts of the world. At Meki's you will find jewellery in more than 60 different natural stones from different parts of the world and each one has been carefully chosen for each design.

All of them have passed through the hands of people who extracted them from the earth, artisans, merchants, our hands and in the end they reach your hands to touch them and enjoy them.

We have put a lot of dedication and love into each creation so that you can enjoy it and take with you a part of a distant country and dream about it.

Our team is small but valuable, always willing to offer the best.

If you have any questions contact us. We will be happy to help.