We believe in the links between people and places. That leads to unique jewelry designs with minerals that create connections coming from different places in this World. All of them have passed through the hands of people who extracted them from the earth, artisans, merchants, our hands and at the end they reach your hands to take them and enjoy them. And we have all followed the same guiding thread, the beauty of the piece.

We have put a lot of dedication and love into each creation so that you can enjoy it and take with you a part of a faraway country and dream about it.

Although our activity in design and elaboration of handmade jewels dates from more than ten years ago with the name of SaR Plata y Gemas, this year we have decided to make some change. Since 2019 our creations will be found under our brand meki's®.

In this new stage we will focus even more on the creation of unique jewels in sterling silver and precious stones. Our “Dream of a faraway country” continues.

Our team is small but valuable, always willing to offer the best.

If you have any questions or concerns, here we are to answer them: Contact us